Sometimes as parents you plan to go to a studio to take photos. But as you know, children often have their own agendas. Making them smile or hold still for some photographs is almost as challenging as making it through a bad movie. They run, they scream, they fall and get dirty. But kids will be kids. If we always tried to make our kids prim and proper, we will never remember some of the little things that made us laugh and reminisce about our children’s childhood.

We take a laid back approach in the studio. Of course we understand the need for having posed photographs, but rather than letting a session go to waste because a child is uncooperative would be a crime. So we capture the true nature of the child as emotions abound through them. I personally think that these types of photos are real gems.

So if you take your child to a photographer and it’s just not going right… RELAX and let children be children. You’ll still have gems of photographs that will last you a lifetime of happiness!