There are lots of photographers in Vancouver. Just look up in any Google search engine and you’ll find hundreds. So what separates them apart from each other? Well… to be honest, a lot of things can set them apart from each other.

This Sunday we had quite the challenge. Anyone who has kids knows that when they are young they are vibrant and energetic! One child is often pretty easy to handle, two… managable, three a bit of a handful. So how about 5? As a photographer, you have to have the right frame of mind when handling so many children. When put together the combined is greater than the sum of the parts. There is just something synergistic about having a lot of children in one place.

Our client wanted a photograph of all the children together, having fun and interesting photographs was definitely her biggest concern. Well, here’s a teaser of what we did in studio. Challenging? Yes… Rewarding? Very.