Follow Me Foodie

A local celebrity in the foodie circles is Mijune Pak (aka FollowMeFoodie).  Her honest reviews of food and restaurants all over Vancouver has drawn thousands of followers to her blog

We were thrilled to have this wonderfully energetic foodie come to the studio and have photos done for her.  The goal was to have images that would appeal to a broad spectrum of people all while usable in a variety of situations for advertisements and other Follow Me Foodie ventures.

We kept the lighting very light and airy without a lot of hard shadows or funky lighting and opted to use a white seamless paper as our backdrop.  Although Mijune brought some props and food with her, we also helped add to the mix of things to give some variety.

As of late, Mijune has garnered some pretty high profile attention including a Cupcake Challenge, Follow Me Foodie Drinks and Follow Me Foodie Gelato.  We think there’s lots in store for this talented young entrepreneur.  So visit her website and even follow her on twitter!  Just like great food, it gets addicting.