Recently we had a family that we did portraits of.  Among the selections of photos from their session, they asked if we we had any photographs of landscapes and other photographs for artwork around their house.  Although it is rare that we get these requests, I pulled out a catalog of images that I take for fun and enjoyment.  They found a photograph they liked and asked me to get it printed on canvas as a triptych.  It is a really rewarding experience to know that my personal work will be hanging in the home of one of my clients.  If you or someone you know is interested in having some artwork for their home or office please feel free to ask.  You may look at our library of images in the studio or request a specific piece to be custom made for you.

Enclosed is the print that my client ordered.

photograph of vancouver skyline

Canvas tripych for a client

canvas mounted image of downtown at sunset

The image featured was done at sunset with 3 filters. Tidying up dust spots and a few stray pieces of wood on the water was performed.