Are you looking for a way to burn lots of calories, improve your shape, increase your hand eye co-ordination all in one go?  Meet Greg Harrison.  He has been teaching people the ropes of boxing for years.  A professional fighter in his prime, Greg caters to both men and women’s boxing.  Now don’t get me wrong, this is not your airy fairy cardio kick boxing kinda class.  The class focuses on both strong body and mind.  Lots of work on technique, proper breathing and conditioning – Greg and his students really mean business.

Three Sixty Photography had a great shoot with some of his students in the studio.  We wanted to help debunk the myth that boxing is for men and that people of all ages are able to participate in the sport.  Dawn, one of his older clients is 50 (yes we go clearance to announce this) and she has as much spunk as I’ve seen from people half her age!  We had a fab time and although the girls were a little hesitant at the start we quickly got into the groove.

For this shoot we opted for cross lighting from the sides to give some extra edge to the photograph.  In front of the girls are two large white boards to give some fill.  We finished the composite below.  Enjoy!