Happy New Year everyone!  It’s been really busy at the studio all winter long.  Now that the New Year is upon us I thought I would share what type of things we’ve been doing the last few weeks.  The posts over the next few days will have some recap of what kept us going through the Christmas Holidays!

Most recently, we continued our Bright Nights work with the Vancouver Parks Board and helped capture images of Bright Nights held in Stanley Park.  One of the biggest draws in the city during the Christmas seasons, Bright Nights is an event that the FireFighter’s put on to help raise awareness and donations to the Burn Fund.  Firefighter’s volunteer their time to create displays throughout the park so the public can enjoy.  They collect donations that go towards charity.  It was dark and cold, but we were troopers and wandered throughout the park to capture some fun photos to represent this iconic event in Vancouver.