The importance of a team in production.  Contrary to popular belief a one man videography crew isn’t all you need.  There is a distinct advantage to having multiple crew members at an event.  It doesn’t have to be all from our team but dedicated roles really increase the value of production.

For instance, at the World Congress of Dermatology in Vancouver, we worked in tandem with the marketing team of Proctor and Gamble and their subsidiary brands.  Working with this team was amazing because they were able to fill in the gaps, help us monitor the actual content of dialogue so we could focus on sound quality and visuals.

This team was also extremely helpful in helping us run gear back and forth from long distances at the convention centre.  In tight turnarounds and timelines having a few extra hands on deck it allowed us to do our job without having to worry about things like content, running out of supplies, finding keynote presenters, arranging sets etc.