a large part of our business revolves around memory.  We use it in everything and we store data in it in mass quantities.  

Let me put this into perspective, time is money and slow hard drives eat time.  So to keep up with demand we have to use fast memory and that doesn’t come cheap.

Take for instance today I had to buy a new portable drive to house our latest project for our editor.  2Tb of data with Thunderbolt transfer rates runs about $330.  I have to buy 2 this week just to get by.  Not to mention the smaller drives we have that house smaller projects currently in edit.

And this is just the active storage.  We have to back that data up on the server which is currently housing 20Tb in active data.  That’s right… 20.  And of course there is the memory that goes into our cameras during production.  

Add to all this the online memory we have to buy to house deliverable projects and as you can see, our world easily has 30-40Tb of active memory in use.

And if by just simple math of $100/Tb, that is easily $4000 in active data we use daily.  Forget about our archives in that price.  

Your data is ultra important to us and we don’t take that task lightly.  So until next time, remember how much we’re invested in you and your project!