Each year, Three Sixty Photography puts on a series of workshops to help amateur and professional photographers improve their skills.  Sometimes we host our Super Intro to dSLR, sometimes it’s on posing, this time…  Lighting.

Lighting separates our photographs from our competitors.  That is not to say that we artificially light every photo, however, we understand the options that are available to us to help us better present our subjects.  Why is this important?  In today’s day and age, everyone with a digital camera is calling themselves a photographer.  Photoshop seems to be everyone’s greatest equalizer.  We want to dispel this myth.  Learning to light properly, take photographs well and seeing great lighting opportunities will give a better platform to do any digital manipulations.  Three Sixty Photography believes in getting it right in camera.  All the funky effects and touch ups can be done after to ENHANCE the photos but the photo should be good to begin with.

So if you want to learn how to “see light” and want to get the most out of your current equipment, this is a great way for you to get hands on and ask questions.  Space is limited so register early!

Early bird registration ends July 20th and you get 10% off!

See below for details!