Following our little foodie, Miss Mijune Pak through her adventures in culinary land, we found ourselves in Las Vegas sampling some of the city’s most opulent cuisines. With a hectic travel schedule, we decided that we would launch the Follow Me Foodie Quickie series. Running along side the regular webisodes similar to the one’s you saw previously, the FMF Quickie is meant to give you a fast and fun rundown of an establishment and their food.

This FMF Quickie is for Munchbar in the Caesars Palace. Enjoy!

Munchbar, Las Vegas | Follow Me Foodie Quickie from Justin Lam on Vimeo.

Late January we followed Follow Me Foodie star Mijune Pak to Las Vegas. After spending countless hours running around the Las Vegas strip filming, we are pleased to announce the first of the series in Vegas.

Thanks for watching!