Finding a wedding photographer in Vancouver is difficult.  There are so many different photographers available so how do you know where to start?

The obvious place to start is to type the words “vancouver wedding photographer” into a local search engine.  But once you do that be prepared for a multitude of hits.  Now you start searching through websites starting on page 1.  This will take you through the good, the bad and the ugly and unless you have great patience you won’t get past page 2 of the multitude of photographers in Vancouver.

But what could you be missing?  There are tons of great photographers lower down on the list, don’t they deserve a chance to show you their portfolio?  So how else are you going to find them?  Ask some of your friends on who they used.  Sometimes, you’ll be surprised to find some great wedding photographers that won’t necessarily be at the top of google.

Three Sixty Photography, a local vancouver wedding photographer is one of them.  We try our best to get as high as we can on the search engine because we know as a bride, you are more than likely to stop after the first few pages.

We believe in a value driven approach to your wedding.  We strive to capture the fine details

A Unique approach to ring photography - Vancouver Wedding Photographer

We entrench ourselves in the moment to capture tender moments artfully

A dad kissing his daughter - Vancouver Wedding Photographer

a great vancouver wedding photographer should be able to capture you naturally,

Bride poking groom in the nose catching him off guard - Vancouver Wedding Photographer

But they should also be able to add a bit of glamour into your photos

Bride in a renaissance pose - Vancouver Wedding Photographer

They should be able to handle groups in a creative fashion instead of the boring “line up”

Vancouver Wedding Photography - Group photograph at the new convention center

All of this is important when considering your wedding photographer.  So perhaps give the company that’s NOT on the top of the search engine a looksy…  How you’ll find us… I’m not sure yet… but we’re working on it!!!