You hire a professional wedding photographer for your wedding day because you want memories that will last you a lifetime.  Not only do you want an accurate depiction of what happened on the wedding day, but you want to ensure that the photos you receive will help you relive those special moments.  Photos should have an intimacy and personality that is a reflection of who you are.

The company that you hire to be your photographer for the day should be someone you can connect with.  They should have consistent work, and be able to produce a very solid wedding photography album for you.  It is also important that the photographer understands what style of wedding photography you like.

There are 2 components to great wedding photography.  The photography itself AND the post processing.  Each photographer will have their own strengths and weaknesses, and it is important that you identify them before you hire them.  Merely asking if they can emulate another photographer’s work is dangerous and can come back and haunt you later.  There are lots of things that play a role in the style of photography a company has.  Their equipment, the artistic eye and their ability to communicate can affect how and what a photographer captures.

A great photograph in our opinion should start right in camera.  Sure, once we finish post processing an image the photo should be even more appealing, but the underlying image should be strong.  As a photographer, we are put in charge of being creative, and presenting your wedding day in a beautiful way.  To do this, not only does the photography have to be strong, but also the presentation.

It really comes down to choices in photography.  If you put hundreds of photographers in the same scenario to take a photo, you will literally come up with hundreds of different ways to present the same subject.  You want your photographer to have the ability to present a variety of different styles throughout your day.

Vancouver Wedding Photographer - High Key Bride

Vancouver Wedding Photographer - Artificially Lit Image

Editing or post processing is the part of the wedding that you don’t see in the forefront, but is a big part of your wedding photos.  We work to find ways to present your wedding in a style that appeals to you and helps enhance the photos that we take.  Many things can go into the post processing aspect of wedding photography.  At Three Sixty Photography, we put the emphasis on wedding photography as being unique and personalized.  When we sit down with you to do our consult, we take the time to understand the type of photography and the style of editing you like.  We can accommodate many styles of editing.  Whether you like black and whites, vintage tones or sepia images – we can cater our editing process to your liking.

Vancouver Wedding Photographer demonstrates editing

As for the photography, we produce a portfolio that is really a mixed bag.  We take some of the traditional photos, mix them with avante-garde images, take editorial and fashion photographs and play with some of the quirky and fun photos.  We work to ensure that we bring out your personalities, and produce unique and personalized images for you.  The Vancouver Wedding Photography market is large, there are tons of photographers out there.  Three Sixty Photography is dedicated in producing a wedding portfolio that is as unique and as you are.  Book an appointment to come view our studio where we can show you a large variety of images.  We hope to see you soon!