Safe flying is of the utmost importance and although it’s inconvenient, we have to take our drone to remote places to fly. Applying for an SFOC or a Special Flight Operation Certificate for just casual flying takes too long and makes it rather inconvenient.

The Phantom 4 is the newest drone or UAV in our arsenal. There is so much I love about this that it’s hard to sum it up in a short post.

The flight time compared to the Phantom 1 is amazing. It was so hard to be able to nail a shot in under 7 minutes at times with the old Phantom, with the new Phantom 4, that 20-25 min flight time is a god send.

While some people hate that DJI went the integrated camera route, I think it’s a good idea. The many moving parts and the need to be dependant on so many 3rd party devices playing well together made it a pain in the butt for us to get a working setup. I love how DJI created its own ecosystem much like Apple and although so much is proprietary, if it works well and makes the user experience seamless. I’m game.