June has been all over the map in terms of weather.  In Vancouver, photography outdoors can be a really challenging thing to deal with.  Not really in terms of lighting, but just weather conditions.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I love Vancouver.  The weather here is off and on, but the scenery and diversity of the city lends for great photography.

I was happy to see the sun peek out of the sky on Wednesday when I met up with Jennifer and Stuart.  Normally I would have an assistant for the day to help me hold gear, but just as I was heading out, my assistant called to tell me that her sister got into a car accident.  I’m glad to hear that everything was okay with my assistant’s sister, but I had to ensure that I showed up ready to have a good time with Jen and Stu.

Now Stuart isn’t really into the public display of affection, so to ensure that I captured the love between the two, I really had to work to put them at ease and just let them be.  We had some fun and we also took some traditional photos.  I’ve included a few from the session here!