Every couple is different. Their wedding photography should reflect that. Throughout your wedding day we as photographers make choices on how to present our brides and grooms. Some take the low road and force feed you into a canned wedding where each wedding looks relatively the same.

We take wedding photography very seriously. We work hard to make unique images using lighting, lenses, different camera settings to achieve something special.

Jennifer and Stuart is an interesting example of this. Jennifer loves the fun and glamour of photography. She likes things to be airy and interesting. Stuart on the otherhand really isn’t into having photos taken of him, but understands the need for it. Rather than making Stuart pose and making him feel out of his element, we decided to keep the images natural and less “look into the camera” look. For Jennifer, we did some more fun and avante-guard posing and lighting. Carefully balancing the two sides is not particularly easy, but we managed. At the end of the night, both were very grateful for our flexibility and commitment on delivering a product that matched their needs.