The ability to deliver a high quality product at an affordable price requires a two way relationship with a client.  There are some simple measures that can exponentially help a filming crew produce amazing results.

1) have a SECURE and dedicated space for the team to unload their gear.  This allows them to bring more gear to use without fearing loss or theft.  If we are in an environment where I don’t feel safe leaving my equipment around then I’ll pack barebones basic gear that i can manage on me at all times

2) tell us the little things.  Simple things like there is no microphone, or that there will be more than one speaker at a time can really put a damper on a good production.  When we ask questions, take the time to answer them because they are IMPORTANT

3) know what you want to deliver to your audience and share that with us.  Planning is the best when we share a vision.  Abraham Lincoln once said give me 10 minutes to chop down a tree and I’ll spend the first 9 sharpening the axe.  Knowing what the output will look like by preparing properly will make production days smoother and more fun.  So work with us to figure out the real message

4)  Not changing direction last minute.  Planning is there for a reason and when something changes dramatically, major problems can occur:  continuity issues, set obstacles, dialogue mismatches, poorly thought out action points etc.

Stay tuned for our next article that explores the components of a successful shoot.