As we are nearing the midpoint of the World Congess of Dermatology Conference on behalf of Proctor and Gamble, we wanted to share with you some ways to really improve the output of your production.  Over a series of articles we will touch on different facets of proper preparation for large scale events and conference.

It is common for people to have tight budgets but you have to understand how important it is to have the right components in place to get a top tier project.

The number one thing that we advise our clients is to have a secure area where we can place our equipment.  This can’t be stressed enough.  The quality of your project severely takes a dive if we have to carry all of our equipment everywhere.  Security is a big thing, it is typical for us to come to a conference with upwards to $35,000 of equipment.  If we have no safe place to put things we have to reduce the equipment we bring.  By reducing the equipment we bring it in turn reduces the selection of tools, lenses, lighting, audio, backups, cinematic rigs etc. that we bring with us. 

So we highly recommend you invest in a secure area at your conference to put us at ease and enable us to bring the equipment that is needed to cover your event.