Time flies.  It seems like only yesterday that we photographed our bride and groom Avita and Ravin.  Just this past weekend, we had them bring Auraliya, their little daughter into the studio for her 4 month portraits!  You may remember Auraliya from her newborn portrait set.

Since we did her first set at home, we decided that the second set in the studio would be a great compliment.  After a brief warm up from her nap, she was ready to go and we got some wonderful images that I am so excited to share with you.

Know anyone who is pregnant?  Perhaps they would be interested in our Baby’s First Year Program.  What a magical time in a couple’s life it is and we want to share in their joy!

Look at the life in Auraliya's eyes. I love intimate portraits like this.

The original idea was to have them play together. It just so happened that Auraliya had other plans... Hungry maybe?

I love how content she is in daddy's arm. Dad's a strong guy.

Playing around with fabrics that are true to her heritage, I got a cute shot of her peeking out.