Footage leaking out of DVD

Boxes and boxes of these once filled millions of shelves across the world.  These amazing shiny discs revolutionized the way we viewed things.  The DVD has been such a staple in our world and for over a decade we have enjoyed watching everything from our favorite movies to storing our precious files on these wonderful discs.

And yet what we don’t realize is how inferior this medium is now in our day and age.  What used to be held as amazing is now becoming obsolete.  Have you noticed how laptops have slowly moved away from having DVD drives?  Apple products have done away with them for a few years now and although we may miss it once in a blue moon, we really haven’t looked back too much as we move into the age of data.

As Three Sixty Media moves into the new era of video and data, we are phasing out the production of DVD’s for our clients.  Not that we don’t like creating a keepsake for our client, but rather because we have now started to bump up against the limitations of DVD’s.  We’re not exactly sure where we’ll go at this point, but we are on a quest to find the next medium.

Let us share with you what has been happening over the last few years.  In previous times we would deliver photos and videos on DVD because it had an amazing capacity and a relatively affordable price point.  As technology improved, so did file size and with it the ease of taking more and more footage.  Storage became more and more affordable and so as technology improved we moved our storage of photos from DVD to Flash Drives.  For Video we stuck with DVD’s because it was really the only medium that people could watch fairly universally.

Today we are at the crossroads for Video.  DVD’s no longer carry the resolution we want for our videos.  They throw away 5/6th of the data that we embed in the file.  On the new fancy dancy TV’s people have it’s just not looking as sharp and as crisp as the files that we render.

So why not Blu-Ray everyone asks.  The honest truth is that it is a technology that is already out the door and never really made market impact.  How many people do you know that watch blu-ray or can burn blu-ray?  We decided to stay out of that arena altogether because we did not think it would provide a long term solution.

So as it stands right now, we’re likely to stay with traditional portable hard drives for delivery and then put the productions on a streaming website like Vimeo where people from all over the world can enjoy without having to fight over the few sets of DVD’s that we give to our clients.

Although it is sad, we feel that this is the best way to archive the future of your video as we look towards new waters and advances in technologies that will ultimately be the next phase in video archival.