May 22, 2010.  Alon and Allison chose the majestic Hycroft Mansion for the place of their wedding.  Careful planning was made to have a fun filled day with plenty of time to really take in all the beauty and wonder of the day.  With the reception held at Imperial Chinese Restaurant downtown, we chose to do some photos near the convention center and of course in the gorgeous Pacific Rim Fairmont Hotel where the couple stayed for the evening.

What was special about this wedding?  Both Alon and Allison are fashion buffs.  Alon, sporting a made to measure Armani suit looked absolutely immaculate and Allison’s hot pink Manolo’s were quite the show stoppers.  What was also amazing was the amalgamation of the 2 cultures.  Alon who is Jewish and Allison who is Chinese made painstaking efforts to ensure that a fusion of both cultures were at the wedding. We were extremely happy to share in their special day we had an amazing time and wish them both a very happy marriage!

Ya ya I know… ON TO THE PHOTOS!!!!