Vancouver is a beautiful place.  It has great food, beautiful parks and mountains and friendly people.  Vancouver is also known for its rain.  Very few places in the world have so many different types of rain and we as Vancouverites have several ways to describe it.

However, despite the interesting precipitation patterns we have, weddings always go on and rather than making a big fuss about all the water, we embrace it and work to make beautiful images regardless.

Christy and David had their rainy Vancouver wedding day late in October.  We started our day off at St. Andrew-Wesley church in the downtown core.  What an amazing venue.  Dark, rich colours and grandiose architecture really set the tone for the walk down the aisle.

Vancouver Wedding Ceremony at St. Andrew-Wesley

Vancouver Wedding Photographer captures a beautiful church in the downtown core

St. Andrew-Wesley's inner chamber

Vancouver Wedding Photographer captures a wide angle shot of bride walking down the aisle

Bride walking down the aisle at St. Andrew-Wesley

Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony itself was beautiful.  With close family and friends watching on, Christy and David exchanged vows to one another.

Photo of father hugging the bride in a Vancouver Wedding Ceremony

Father hugging the bride at the altar.

Vancouver Wedding Photographer captures image of bride and groom at the altar

Bride and Groom at the altar of St. Andrew-Wesley

Bride and Groom walking out of the church in Vancouver

Christy and David walking out of St. Andrew-Wesley

Bridal party gathers for a photograph

Bridal party formal photo at St. Andrew-Wesley

Where to go for photos when it rains on your wedding day?

Vancouver, well known for it’s rain decided that it would be great to cleanse the air just after the ceremony.  We decided to make our way down to a few locations including Stanley Park to get some photos.  We only had a short amount of time to get these photos as the party had to scurry back to the reception for the cocktail hour with their families and friends.  But we got it all done in Three Sixty style!

Vancouver wedding photograph of couple

Posing for the camera down in Coal Harbour

Vancouver wedding couple gets intimate while bridal party looks away

The bridal party giving the couple a moment to themselves

Couple stops for an intimate moment in Stanley Park Vancouver

Vancouver trees are amazing in late fall. Great place to have wedding photos taken

Bride and Groom walk down the seawall with Lions Gate bridge in the background

Bride and Groom walk down the seawall with Lions Gate bridge in the background

Bride and groom smile at the Vancouver weather

You can't beat the rain in Vancouver. So you might as well smile and have fun on your wedding day!

A Beautiful Reception Venue in Vancouver

The Vancouver Club is a building that has deep heritage roots.  Beautifully kept and wonderful warm atmosphere, we captured Christy and David having a great time with their guests.  It was a very intimate affair and the stories and speeches heartwarming.

Photograph of Wedding Cake at the Vancouver Club

Wedding cake looked amazing.

Vancouver Wedding Reception lit mostly by candlelight.

Candles filled the room and gave a beautiful glow

Vancouver Wedding Reception Speech by bridesmaid.

A lighthearted but emotional speech

Photograph of an ice scuplture at a wedding

The ice sculpture at this wedding was neat. I love castles...

Photograph of the couple sneaking out for a quick kiss

Photograph of the couple sneaking out for a quick kiss

An intimate moment between the bride and groom during reception

Okay... maybe more than a quick kiss...

Bride feeds groom a piece of cake at their wedding in the Vancouver club

Nothing says "I love you" more than cake in your face

Father of the Bride cuts in to dance with his daughter

What's a party with out dancing? Even dad wants in on the action...

Photo of the wedding rings

Okay... I know you're dying to see the disco ball.

We want to wish Christy and David a wonderful and happy marriage.  It was a fabulous day and we had lots of fun photographing your wedding.