Destination Wedding in Vancouver

Destination wedding couple has photographs with Vancouver photographer

James and Sukhi

Well… sort of…  Sukhi and James are both from England.  As much of Sukhi’s family is here in Vancouver, they opted to get married here so that all of their family could attend.  Initially, Sukhi’s sister Reetu came and visited us to discuss the wedding.  After much deliberation, they decided that we would be their photographer for the wedding.  We were elated to hear the news and we really looked forward to their wedding day.

Preparation for a great Wedding

We started all the festivities a few days before the wedding.  We gathered at Riverside Banquet Halls in Richmond for some traditional ceremonies.

Miyan Decoration

Traditional symbolic representation adorns the floor infront of Sukhi

Placing of the bracelets

Bracelet being put on before the REAL festivities begin

Rubbing down Sukhi

See... the party begins when everyone rubs the paste on Sukhi for good luck!

Glowing bride to be

After all the rubbing, we capture a great smile from Sukhi

All the sponsoring men of the party

Sukhi takes a picture with all the sponsoring men of the party

Packing in the family

Gotta make sure we include everyone in the photo!!

A new day and a new life begins in Vancouver

The wedding day arrives and the weather looks unstable.  Common place in Vancouver, but nonetheless, we agree that today we would make do with whatever the skies would bring our way.  We arrived at Sukhi’s house and captured some candids of everyone getting ready.

Portrait of a bride getting ready

Sukhi looks vibrant and energetic!

Dress hanging

The dress hangs waiting for Sukhi.

Going over some speeches

Getting a little practice in on the speech before the night

On James’s side of things, life was hustle and bustle there too!

The boys getting ready

Piecing together the boys for the day

Groom happy

Spirits are high and everyone's smiling

The boys are looking all dapper

The men are ready to go!

Family ties run deep

Family is a very important part of any wedding.  Sukhi and James made sure that they left ample time to photograph with their family.

Fitting the family in

How do you fit that many people in a photo... haha... wasn't easy!

James and family

Not as many on James's side.

Walk down the aisle

Part of any wedding is of course the ceremony.  The ceremony was held at Newlands Golf Course and although it looked like the skies were going to open up to rain, the decision to have an outdoor wedding stayed.  Praying to the weather gods to hold out for a little bit was all we could do.  They obliged, raining only minutes after the ceremony ended.

Walking down the aisle

Sukhi and Father walking down the aisle

Vows exchange

The anticipation kills me as they exchange vows... KISS KISS

Exchanging rings

Oh ya... the rings! Wait... Kiss time yet?

Dad making a speech

There are speeches?! Father made a VERY heartfelt speech... but I was dying in suspense... KISS KISS!!!!!

Bride and Groom Kiss

WOHOO!!!! wait... wait... BOUQUET COVERING?!!! bwahahaha... okay... I'll take it. 😀

Married at last and walking back up the aisle

Yay!! Congratulations! Let's get moving... rain's a comin' in!

Rain in Vancouver?  No problem.  Wedding Photography can be beautiful when it rains.

Now, due to some timing constraints, we made a quick dash out to a local park area to get some photos of the lovely couple.  When asked if the rain would bother them, both simply replied “Nope.”  My kind of couple!

Walking in the rain

Some photos with umbrellas

Photos with daisies

Some photos without...

Bride and groom under the trees

We also used the trees for cover in the rain.

Off to the reception

To finish off the evening we arrived back at Newlands for the reception.  The solarium was beautifully decorated and the energy in the air was just electric.

At the reception

Sukhi and James look over their adoring guests!

Tall wedding cake

Check out how tall this cake is!!!

Groom making speech

Of course there will be speeches.

Bride smiling

There were happy moments...

Bride crying

A few tear jerking moments

Dad dancing

Some dancing and celebration of culture.

Dancing the night away

Then the party really started to pick up.

We want to wish James and Sukhi a happy and wonderful marriage together.  We hope that they come back and visit us one day with little ones in tow!

It was an absolute pleasure to photograph your wedding.  And we are truly honored to be your photographers.