Lots of people ask me how do they get the most out of their photo session?  Whether you are a photographer or the subject there are lots of ways that you can increase the productivity.

For Photographers:  Learning to really see potential for good photographs anywhere.  Sometimes it is just a matter of perspective.  Never lose sight about who your subject is.  Forcing a subject to do something they don’t find comfortable will do yourself a disservice.  Also, don’t pigeon hole yourself into one specific location.  Be willing to walk around and “see” an image.  Most importantly relax, take a deep breath and have fun with your subject.  Your images will come out stronger.

For Photographees:  Trust your photographer, if you’ve done your research and you’ve laid down the money to book them, be confident that they’ll get good images.  Don’t get too caught up about where they take you or what they do with you.  In the hands of a professional, the pose, lighting and selection of background will make your image rock.  Sometimes a place doesn’t have to be green and rosy to make an image great.  Also, be prepared to walk and explore.  The weather changes, the direction of the sunlight changes and a good photographer will be keen in using the sunlight to their advantage.

Here is a set that we did just yesterday.  We walked from Yaletown all the way to Burrard Street Bridge.  We didn’t miss a beat and we had tons of fun.  The posing was natural for both of them and of course we let their characters come out.  Komal is a makeup artist and Ash owns a music store as well as produces music.  They wanted an urban feel to a lot of their photos with a splash of greenery.  We did no scouting, we showed up with a big smile and said… “Let’s go have some fun.”

And we had a blast!