Experience the difference a Full-Time, Full-Service Studio can CRAFT for you!

High quality, relevant photos and videos is what you want.  Designed to suit a variety of budgets, our staff have dedicated their lives to crafting a personalized experience for you. 

We utilize the latest in technology with the forward thinking of an advertising agency to offer you a well rounded experience that looks at both the big and small picture.

Listening to our clients allows us to deliver well thought out campaigns to deliver maximum impact whether it is with photography, videography, photobooths or other event activations.

Experience the difference a CRAFTED experience can bring to your project.

Our award-winning, full-time photography studio is known for creating masterful images that truly reflect the personalities of our clients and the spirit of their events. We offer a range of versatile services so that you can have the convenience of working with one professional studio and the flexibility to customize our services and products to your specific needs.We invite you to contact us about your project.

We have a broad range of services including:

  • Event Photography
  • Event Videography
  • Advertising Photography
  • Promotional Videos
  • Instructional and Informational Videos
  • Headshots
  • Photobooths
  • Selfie/Instabooths
  • Greenscreen Booths
  • Step and Repeat/Media/Red Carpet Walls

With Three Sixty Photography, we go the extra mile to provide you with the best full-service experience possible. We’ve taken the time to carefully select unique and fantastic products and services to accommodate all your needs. No other Vancouver photography studio can say that they have as broad a range of services - all under one roof!

Contact us today to let us know how we can help you CRAFT your next event to make it memorable. We can’t wait to meet you!

Event Photography is a large component of our business.  We have worked with small and large companies covering events since 2002.  From awards galas to conferences of thousands of people we have the staff, the technology and the logistical prowess to make you look like a star.  In addition to coverage of your event you may also be interested in the marketing engagement products we have that can add to your event.  Our marketing strategist can help you craft an experience that will have everyone talking about how amazing your event was.  Don’t forget that we also provide video coverage services that can put an amazing touch to your event!

Have a keynote you want recorded?  Perhaps some breakout sessions?  What about a video that can be played during your event?  How about a video that helps you recap the event or gets integrated as part of a larger marketing campaign?  Videography is a growing medium and is becoming more and more popular as YouTube becomes one of the largest search engines in the world.  Our lead strategist will sit down with you identify key objectives, map out a game plan and help you create an effective video piece that will fit in any campaign.  We can work as your trusted advisor or in tandem to an existing marketing team.  We ask important questions so we can give you a product that will help provide you a great return on investment.

Entertainment is an important part of your event, from personal interactions to activities these components will be the benchmark of whether people remember you and your brand.  We provide photo booths for events to really give your attendees an interactive experience.  From fun and outrageous props to an archival quality printout for them to take home we customize the experience every step of the way.  We customize artwork to match your corporate brand or event and really create an emotional tie-in for your guests.  Boasting one of the largest capacity closed photo booths in Vancouver (currently a record capacity of 17 people).  We have the flexibility of an open or closed system to suit any event! 

You’ve planned an event, tons of people are coming and now you are stuck on how to keep them entertained or moving through your event.  We have an amazing set of product and services available to help you create an event that wows.  We can help you create flow through your event and create a buzz and take-home message for them with products like our Photobooth, Portrait Booth, Video Booths, GreenScreen Booth, Selfie/Instabooth, Social Media Station and Live Projections.

Talk to our lead strategist about what could fit in your event and how we can take your event to the next level!  The best marketing is one that doesn’t look like it’s marketing and we can offer solutions to help you.  We can help you collect data naturally and seamlessly so that you can engage your audience better.  So why go to anyone else when all they do is show up and go through the motions?  Come to someone that cares about how to implement and create an effective engagement medium for your event.

Product photography can have huge variance and careful discussion on budget, expectations and outputs need to be discussed prior to commencement.  Depending on final delivery state and level of complexity we require a comprehensive consultation on the project to ensure that all parties understand each component.  If you are interested in product photography we would love to sit and chat with you about the project and ensure that we craft the appropriate level for you.  

Every company can use a good set of headshots.  Headshots can portray many things and can play a large role in the way you market or present yourself.  Our headshot pricing works for both individuals and large companies.  We can help you find your voice and brand to make sure that you are saying what you want to say to your ideal clients.  We have techniques and solutions to help create longevity and consistency in your brand now and years down the road.  Talk to our strategist to see how we can craft your message to the world through headshots and show you how you can use them effectively to attract and retain the right clients!

Did you have a product or service that you want to show the world?  Maybe it’s to be put on social media?  Perhaps it’s being submitted for something bigger, either way we’d love to help.  Our personalized process takes the guesswork out of what to do, we ask relevant and important questions to ensure that we create a video that will serve the purpose effectively.  There are many ways to present something and that’s where sitting down with our strategist will help you narrow down how to best reach your audience.  You don’t get that level of service from just any videographer.

Do you do or say the same thing over and over again all the time?  We can help you save money by creating videos that help you automate various components or cover specific pieces of your business.  Reduce training time, lower training expenses and administrative costs by creating videos that cover things you repeat over and over again.  Let us help you create a system to reduce wasted time and money and increase productivity and profits.  We always keep longevity and variability in mind to ensure that your video will stand the test of time.

New to the game is our Selfie/Instabooth.  With the ability to integrate the latest technology and pair it with the power of social media, we can help you capture your wedding in a whole new way.  Have your guests using their own Instagram or use our Selfie Station, you can have keepsakes that will last a lifetime from EVERY facet of your wedding.  Complete with printouts for guests to take home and a digital copy for you, this Selfie/InstaBooth can be used by the technologically savvy and those who may need a little help from our attendant!

Have a special theme for your event?  We can provide a level of entertainment that can blow the socks off of your guests.  Transport your guests into new places, fantasy ideas or on a cover of a magazine!  Our GreenScreen Booth is a very unique entertainment piece that allows your guests to take home a completely customized print.  We can also add a social media component where your guests can not only take the print home, but email their own pictures to themselves! The possibilities are endless, let us help you craft the perfect green screen experience

Want to give your attendees that red carpet experience?  We can help you capture people as they come just like they do at the Oscars!  Pair it up with our onsite printing or social media station and make your event shine!

Whether it's just capturing the people infront of a predesigned wall, or helping you put together the entire piece, we can make your event as amazing as being in Hollywood itself!

Social Media & Onsite Printing

Allow your guests an immersive experience by adding our social media or live print options!  Guests can have their photo taken and in moments be able to send their photos up on social media, to their email or print on site.

Paired with a well thought out marketing campaign, this lead generating system will help you extract more out of your event!