Special Event Photography & Videography

You’ve planned an event, tons of people are coming and now you are stuck on how to keep them entertained or moving through your event.  We have an amazing set of product and services available to help you create an event that wows.  We can help you create flow through your event and create a buzz and take-home message for them with products like our Photobooth, Portrait Booth, Video Booths, GreenScreen Booth, Selfie/Instabooth, Social Media Station and Live Projections.

Talk to our lead strategist about what could fit in your event and how we can take your event to the next level!  The best marketing is one that doesn’t look like it’s marketing and we can offer solutions to help you.  We can help you collect data naturally and seamlessly so that you can engage your audience better.  So why go to anyone else when all they do is show up and go through the motions?  Come to someone that cares about how to implement and create an effective engagement medium for your event.

Some of the services we offer are:

  • Event Photography Coverage
  • Event Videography Coverage
  • Special Event Videos
  • Photo Booth Rentals
  • Portrait Booth
  • Green Screen Photography
  • On-site Printing
  • Slideshow Presentations

For top notch service, value driven work and commitment on making your event a great success contact us!  You can see our latest work in our blog, or see some of our portfolio here.

TOP 3 Reasons to have Three Sixty Media at YOUR event!


  1. We can help customize each service at your event to give you maximal impact.

  2. We can help you track user metrics, data collect and increase social media engagement.

  3. We deliver high quality products and services, unmatched in our industry.


New to the game is our Selfie/Instabooth.  With the ability to integrate the latest technology and pair it with the power of social media, we can help you capture your wedding in a whole new way.  Have your guests using their own Instagram or use our Selfie Station, you can have keepsakes that will last a lifetime from EVERY facet of your wedding.  Complete with printouts for guests to take home and a digital copy for you, this Selfie/InstaBooth can be used by the technologically savvy and those who may need a little help from our attendant!


Entertainment is an important part of your wedding, from games to activities these components will be the talk of your wedding.  We provide photo booths for weddings to really give your guests an interactive experience.  From fun and outrageous props to an archival quality printout for them to take home we customize the experience every step of the way.  We customize artwork to match your wedding and really create an emotional tie-in for your guests to your special day.  Boasting one of the largest capacity closed photo booths in Vancouver (currently a record capacity of 17 people).  We have the flexibility of an open or closed system to suit any wedding! 


Have a special theme for your wedding?  We can provide a level of entertainment that can blow the socks off of your guests.  Transport your guests into new places, fantasy ideas or on a cover of a magazine!  Our GreenScreen Booth is a very unique entertainment piece that allows your guests to take home a completely customized print.  We can also add a social media component where your guests can not only take the print home, but email their own pictures to themselves! The possibilities are endless, let us help you craft the perfect green screen experience