What can a headshot tell you?

Take a look around on LinkedIn nowadays and you can see an abundance of profile pictures taken on cellphones.  Having an proper headshot is important as it can tell the viewer a lot of information about you in a very short amount of time.  People often overlook the power of a great headshot and we don't want you to fall into the mistake of settling for something mediocre.

Styles of Headshots

Below has some snippets describing the different types of headshots available.

Traditional Studio

A classic headshot is great for a variety of use.  It conveys a sense of professionalism and can be a variety of coloured backdrops or at a place of business.  A true headshot is exactly that, a photograph of the person's face from shoulder's up.

The lighting can vary in this quite a bit and it depends on how you want to convey yourself to your target audience.

This type of photo traditionally are found in corporate companies and professional services such as:

  • Law Firms
  • Accounting Firms
  • Banks
  • Education
  • Car Dealerships

Speak to our photographer about your needs and who your ideal demographic is and we can help you craft the ideal headshot!

Actor Headshot

Actor headshot can have a variety of looks and nowadays a lot are done out of studio.  Actor headshots are more intimate and alluring than a traditional headshots mostly because of mood lighting and crops.  

You can expect that your session will last a couple of hours with clothing changes to give you variety for your agency to use.  When you come to us, let us know how you want to be presented to your agent and to casting directors, this will help us identify what you should where, where we should shoot, and how we want to pose and light you.

Our session rates don't include a make up artist or a stylist, but with enough notice and discussion we can definitely help facilitate that with some of our most trusted vendors in the city.

Character Portraits

Similar to actor headshots, this form of portrait utilizes the environment, lighting, clothing and posing to give a frame of reference for the viewer to identify and relate to what you do.

This style of photograph is often found in:

  • Small Businesses
  • Character Businesses
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Team Photographs