Media Wall | Red Carpet Photography

What is Red Carpet Photography?

Like in Hollywood as the stars come down the red carpet and have their photos taken, our red carpet experience is the same.  

Have your guests come to your event and get a photograph infront of a media wall with your logo or message and then be able to have those photos available either on a social media station to email or put on Facebook or Twitter.  Alternatively, you can have these photos printed on site for your guests to take home!

What services are included?

We are able to help accommodate your event in a variety of ways.  Whether you already have a media wall in place or you want us to help you craft the entire production from the ground up we have the ability to create the perfect Red Carpet Experience.  Some of the services we offer are:

  • Design of the Media Wall
  • Provision of Red Carpet
  • Provision of Stantions
  • Red Carpet Photography
  • Social Media Station
  • Onsite Printing
  • Live Projection

Talk to us today to strategize for your event and help you make your event outstanding!