Vancouver Commercial Videography | Promotional Videos

Commercial Videography is the business side of our work.  We strive to create videos that generate a buzz about your business. Our consultative process involves really looking at your marketing needs, marketing strategy and marketing position to determine the proper video to suit your needs.

The first step with us is to contact us for a no obligation consultation about your project.  We can take a look and determine whether we are suitable for your project and give you some insight on what needs to be done in advance.

Once we've presented this to you we will provide you with an estimate on the project at hand along with variables for you to consider.  From there we can determine if we are all a good fit for each other!  Then we're off to the races putting all the components together and to production day and finally post production.

Have a marketing team?  Not a problem we can work in tandem with them to help you produce your commercial just the same!

A crafted experience is at the very core of our business and that means taking the time to listen to your needs.  Your first stop is to contact us to book a time to meet our lead strategist and explore your project.

Please have a look at some of our projects below.  There are a variety of productions that serve a different purpose.  Some of our projects are also hidden behind closed doors due to client confidentiality but are available for viewing when we meet in person.

Well look forward to meeting you and helping you CRAFT your experience