Why Three Sixty Media photographers and how we add value!

Three Sixty Media has been serving Vancouver and the Lower Mainland since 2002. With a customer service oriented approach and a real passion for providing a great product at fair market value, we have quickly grown to be one of Vancouver’s better known studios. We believe our work should stand out even with minimal processing.  Photoshop is a way we can help enhance an image, but we firmly believe in getting a beautiful photo at the moment we press that shutter.

We offer a variety of services including photography, videography and photobooth rentals. With a large staff, we can handle project big or small. As we are a full time studio, you can be sure that we are available to help you when you need it. We look forward to discussing your needs with you in our studio in Richmond.

We believe that educating and understanding our client’s needs is important. We want you to be proud of the work we give you, but more importantly, we want to ensure that it suits your needs and really gives you value for your time and money. We are passionate about what we do and our commitment to excellence is unmatched.

Some unique things about our team

  • We have staff that speaks Cantonese, this is an amazing bonus for those with family members that don’t speak English.
  • We know how a lot of chinese traditions work, this can be valuable when it comes to things like tea ceremony and auspicious things related to weddings.  
  • We have a lot of experience with Indian weddings.  Whether you are having a Hindi, Sikh or Muslim wedding we have a lot of experience in these types of weddings.  This means we know how to balance the photos and videos to please all parties and that in itself can really ease a lot of stress for families.
  • We have an in-house team for everything.  Our training and our education is all done in-house.  Our staff has been together for a long period of time and this allows us to work seamlessly in all aspects of our services.  This is a distinct advantage for multiple services because we are so integrated in what we do we can all pitch in to ensure that all parts of our service are well covered and running like a well-oiled machine.  Hiring separate vendors for all the different parts means more things for you to keep track of and if something goes wrong with one thing, they don’t have a backup or team members available to pitch in.  Having a team that works with each other all the time means they know the nuances of how each person works and they work in tandem seamlessly to craft an experience that is truly unique to you.