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Life embodies a range of memories and milestones. The true value of life is how we experience things. We are dedicated in creating an amazing experience through photography, videography or event engagement mediums like photo booths, selfie booths or green screen. These experiences will continue to live on through the products we provide you long after those days are gone. In the end we want you to remember the feelings you experienced at that time. We do this by listening to you first and foremost and help craft a unique solution for you.

Photography Services

Weddings are an amazing experience for any couple, there is so much emotion and intimacy all wrapped up in an action packed day.  Your journey to getting down the aisle  can be filled with lots of choices, photography being one of the most important and iconic part of your day.  We want to help you navigate that with an easy, laid back process that will ease your stress away.  Our simple approach to it will be a breath of fresh air and we will help you craft the perfect experience for your wedding leaving you with keepsakes that you can cherish and pass on for generations to come.

Although wedding photography is perhaps the most important part of your day, there is a place for videography in many situations.  The motion, dialogue and interactions that come together in a well crafted piece can create a very special memory that tells the tale of your wedding unlike any photo can do.  We want to help understand your needs and see if this very special medium may be a good fit for your day.  Remember as always we want to help you craft the perfect experience for your wedding and so we take a lot of things into consideration when we explore your wedding day.  Our dedication of creating a personalized and unique story for each client is really prevalent when you view our portfolio.  We look forward to exploring your perfect story.

Planning a wedding abroad?  There are many things to consider before purchasing those air tickets.  Our team has globe trotted with brides and grooms as they say their "I Do's" in far off places.

Having our team with you is great for a variety of reasons.  You are always protected by our rock solid guarantees, you will have people who are dedicated professionals to recollect your day's events as well as having a group that is culturally sensitive to many aspects of weddings!

Speak with us about your wedding and see if we may be a good fit for your wedding day.

Portraits are an open invitation into the life and soul of the people in it.  A great deal of intimacy goes into a portrait and the result can invoke feelings that can move people in all walks of life.

Our ability to coach you into a flattering pose and then create the spontaneity and authenticity in the photographs you see marries the best of both the art and the science of photography.

We use techniques found in editorial and photojournalism to our advantage and as such you can find both refined beauty and polish in the photographs alongside what is seemingly a spontaneous and authentic moment.  

You deserve beautiful photographs and we want to craft them for you!

Event Photography is a large component of our business and technically weddings is classified as an event but we wanted to make that distinction.  We have been celebrating events with families for over a decade.  From birthday parties to surprise engagements we have helped hundreds of people document special events. Don’t forget that we also provide video coverage services that can put an amazing touch to your event as well!

There is a special place for videography for special events.  Often overlooked because of budgetary constraints, video can bring you literally back to that moment in time.

We suggest that you at least look at the option and see if it is the right fit for your event!

Have a special theme for your event?  We can provide a level of entertainment that can blow the socks off of your guests.  Transport your guests into new places, fantasy ideas or on a cover of a magazine!  Our GreenScreen Booth is a very unique entertainment piece that allows your guests to take home a completely customized print.  We can also add a social media component where your guests can not only take the print home, but email their own pictures to themselves! The possibilities are endless, let us help you craft the perfect green screen experience

Entertainment is an important part of your special event or wedding, from games to activities these components will be the talk of your party.  We provide photo booths to really give your guests an interactive experience.  From fun and outrageous props to an archival quality printout for them to take home we customize the experience every step of the way.  We customize artwork to match your theme and really create an emotional tie-in for your guests to your special day.  Boasting one of the largest capacity closed photo booths in Vancouver (currently a record capacity of 17 people).  We have the flexibility of an open or closed system to suit any wedding! 

Selfy stick for iphone

Are you and your guests looking for something engaging and are social media savvy?  Look no further as a form of entertainment!  Let your guests take home images from your event by just doing what they normally do!  Taking selfies are all the rage and now we can help you print them along with a custom designed printout.

For those not as tech savvy with their own phones, we have our own selfie stick and camera for them to use!

Give your guests that special feeling of a red carpet experience.  They can have their photos taken infront of a backdrop and have a keepsake that can stay with them forever!

Our team can help you design and print the wall or you can do it on your own and have our team in place to photograph guests as the wander through your event!

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