Immortalize your Events with our Event Photography services

You spend so much time and money into making your event a hit, make sure you document it right!

So you’ve planned the perfect event.  Lots of people coming, lots of things happening – how are you going to record all the great things that you have?  Three Sixty Photography is a great place for a one stop shop for you event photography in Vancouver.

Whether it is coverage of your event, videography or the addition of a Photobooth to your event, Three Sixty Photography has it all.  We have covered many events from corporate events and Christmas parties to charity events and award galas, and even private family functions such as baptisms.  We have been serving the Metro Vancouver area since 2004 and offer a great number of services with quality products.

Some of the other services we offer are:

For top notch Vancouver Event Photography service, value driven work and commitment on making your event a great success contact us!  You can see our latest work in our blog, or see some of our portfolio here.

Events make up the many memories and milestones in our lives!  Your journey through life takes on many twists and turns and photography will be one of the most important and iconic part of your life's legacy.  We want to help you preserve these precious memories for you and all your loved ones to cherish and pass on through the generations.  Our simple approach to it will be a breath of fresh air and we will help you craft the perfect experience for your event leaving you with keepsakes that will speak volumes about who you are!

Sample Event Photography | Karli's Bat Mitzvah 

It's easy to give you a single image from a bunch of events, but to make sure that you know what you are getting is top notch we've decided to provide you a single set of images from ONE event to view.  This will show you the quality of work you can expect from us at any event!

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