Portraits | An intimate look

A picture is worth a thousand words.  We take for granted all the memories in our lives until it's too late.  Don't be that person.  Have memories of you, your loved ones so that you can treasure the memories for now and in years to come.

When having your portrait session with us, you have many options. This is great if you want variety, have something specific in mind or just something casual in mind.  If you are a business owner and you want something more corporate, please look at our Commercial Headshot Section

Portraits can be for you, your family, a loved one, for fun, a new addition, for acting and more.  Let your imagination run wild as we love to bring your vision to life.  Whether it is in our cozy studio in New Westminster,  in your home or somewhere outside in Vancouver, our portrait photography is second to none and has a solution that can fit what you are looking for.

We look forward to meeting you and learning about what you envision and then bringing those dreams to life!

Styles of Portraiture

There are a variety of styles of portraiture available and it is always best to discuss this with us prior to commencing or booking a session.  We try to CRAFT each session to ensure that we provide you with the look you want.  

These timeless treasures will provide you and your loved ones generations of memories to be cherished, revered and remembered.

Classic Studio Portraiture

Studio portraiture is a lost art.  So much of today's generation of photography is to do lifestyle or candid photography.  Now although there is beauty in the natural, there are somethings that are best done in studio with controlled lighting and posing.  

Studio portraiture doesn't have to be stiff, they can still have a candid nature about them, but there is a polish that comes with it that really can't be done in a lifestyle portrait setting.

Outdoor Session

An outdoor session contains elements of lighting found in our studio portraiture.  This particular style is again posed and crafted.  They can be fun and interactive in nature and often uses environmental elements to either enhance the composition or to create synergy with the subjects.

These sessions are typically weather dependant and consultation with our photographer is necessary.

The Lifestyle Session

This is a candid look at photos and allowing the subjects to be in the moment.  Although still put you in a pleasing visual environment and find good lighting we really let you just enjoy and do your own thing.  We document the session and this is really one that spurs memories and the deep down emotional feelings that come with being present with the ones you love.