Selfie/Insta Booth

What is a Selfie Booth?

A selfie is a picture of oneself using a camera hence the word "self" in it.  This form of photograph became popular with the invention of smart phones with front facing cameras and with the addition of social media, the selfie revolution exploded!

Our selfie booth provides a platform for those who are social media aware to be able to take their own photos at an event and post it to a social media platform like Instagram.  

We created a system around this where you can now collect these photos and put them onto a printed photograph live at an event.  This can allow your guests to take home something to put on their fridge or desk to remind them on how amazing your party was!

For those less technologically inclined or social media savvy, we also have a station where we supply the camera and social media account for you.  This way guests can still participate regardless if they have an Instagram account or not.