We are a team of media professionals that help our clients reach a new level with their photography, videography or event activations.  We believe in a first rate experience with our clients.  We want to be your trusted advisor for your media needs.  We are a one-stop-shop of professional photographers and videographers who bring a wealth of experience and a tried and tested efficient approach to every project.  From the basic head shot right through to the corporate video, we have fine-tuned the art of story telling to make your business imagery stand up and stand out from the rest.

We promise to bring experience, efficiency and creative image based storytelling to capture top-notch shots that will make marketing your business easier.


Justin Lam

 Owner / Operations Manager / Primary Photographer

Over this last decade, my bio has changed much. Originally it started out as learning photography in highschool and transitioning from being an academic to a photographer. Today I feel that my journey in photography has been a very enlightening one. I’ve realized that a photograph is not just a simple digital medium that it is now. Granted, I started shooting in film, but since the digital revolution, I haven’t looked back much unless it is a specific nostalgia I’m looking for.

I’ve realized the power of a photograph and although my epiphany contains a sad story, I’d be more than willing to share it with you over a coffee. The love and passion that I have put into this craft surprises even me. I realized that I have a truly unique opportunity to capture a special day, a special moment in time for people. I spend countless hours slaving over my craft and on your wedding day, you can be sure that I will capture it as if it were my own.

In my spare time, I enjoy good food, art, culture and socializing. Because of my love for life and the world around us, I connect with my clients on many different levels. When you see my photos you will see pure raw emotions because I connect with my clients and I let them connect with people around them.

I truly believe in maintaining a long term relationship with the people that I meet. I want to be your wedding photographer as well as your family photographer. When you walk through our door with your family I want you to feel at home. I love watching families grow and it gives me great joy and pleasure to be a part of your family’s history.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing with you my passion for photography and my excitement about being a part of your wedding day!

Michael Fox

Primary/Secondary Photographer

Having spent most of my career involved with events and working with people in a variety of manners, weddings to me are a perfect joining of all I love to do; put smiles on people’s faces, capture the moments, and be the behind-the-scenes person that brings a vision to life.

I studied in the Langara College Photography Certificate program part-time, starting in 2004, and continue to expose myself to all sorts of learning opportunities and experiences.

One does not need a fancy camera to make a great photo, but rather they need vision and the knowledge of how to take that vision and make it a reality; this is the challenge and it is what drives me to push myself as a photographer and artist.

I am also passionate about cooking, an aficionado of fine beer and wines from around the world, and love music of many genres. I am also a fan of sport and competition, but in particular my beloved Canucks. I also enjoy sharing my hobbies and interests with my wife, Anna, whose own passion for art and architecture inspires me to see things differently.

Gabriel Law

 Audio Engineer/Editor/Videographer

With a background in Audio Broadcasting from BCIT, Gabriel joined our video division. His expertise in audio has elevated our work to a whole new level. In his spare time he participates in a choir, enjoys a good beer and finds ways to improve his craft.

Laura Ouk

Office Administrator | Editor

Joining our team on the admin side of our studio, Laura is a photographer in training. Her love of photography drives her to constantly improve her skills to one day become a professional photographer. She is a valuable part of our team helping with our administration as well as being a junior editor and production assistant.

Steve Tan

 Director of Videography

I am a big gadget geek, a faux-tographer, and a Colorist wannabe. I take great delight in shooting video, but even more so editing it. I’m always hungry for new information, new connections, and always willing to be captivated by the next enthralling story.

I began sharing stories through video after the first time I launched iMovie on my MacBook. Armed then with a Vado HD, I set out to re-tell the amazing tales I’ve heard. Although I’ve graduated from my MacBook, iMovie, and Vado HD, I still set out looking to share that next great story through video. Join me in my adventures!

Jordan Fok

 Photo Editor/Videographer

I completed the Langara Professional Photo Imaging Program specializing in commercial photography. Throughout my photography education I have won scholarships in photography and graphics. When I’m not editing wedding photos, I freelance at car photography on the side using rigs to achieve shots most people can’t.

When I’m not doing photography, I’m autocrossing my little red race car or mountain biking on the North Shore of Vancouver & Whistler. Mountain biking and snowboarding is what got me into photography and I still love doing it to this day. It’s a hard life havin fun everyday but someone has to do it.

Jesse Jardine


 Senior Editor

Jesse is a graduate of the BCIT Broadcast program.  With savvy skills in crafting dialogue, he has been the quarterback for many of our live event videos.

His passions include bodybuilding, music and wrestling.  

Matt Turner


Junior Editor/Videographer

Matt is a graduate of BCIT in Film production.  Working on videos both behind the camera and behind the computer, Matt's dedication to putting a project together is unsurpassed.

Outside of work he enjoys working out, watching wrestling, playing Magic and watching his beloved San Diego Chargers.

Jefferson Ho


Jeff came to us wanting to become a better videographer. Known to be meticulous and inquisitive by nature, he typically plays our devil's advocate when we do our pre-production. This is such a great advantage for our clients as he really scrutinizes the logistics and marketing angles of a project. If Jeff is satisfied with our preproduction, then we know without a doubt that we have a rock solid product to deliver to the world!