A CRAFTED Experience

Having great images without having a way to show them off is like having a beautiful car with no wheels! As a full service studio we offer high quality products from framing to albums, slideshow productions and other things that help round out your experience with us here at Three Sixty Photography.

In addition to investing our passion into your project, we invest in educating ourselves!  We spend time educating our staff so that we produce better and more innovative photographs with each passing year! Our internal education process takes individuals who have a keen interest in photography and a keen eye and trains them to handle a variety of scenarios with grace and a fun demeanor. We teach skills like: learning to master the elements, controlling lighting, being resourceful and being creative. By teaching these skills to our staff it helps set our work apart from our competitors. We want your photos to be different from all of our other clients and so it takes a lot of work and dedication to be where we are today!

We hope you find our site informative and the information available to you insightful as you are searching for a photographer, videographer or photobooth rental! Of course we hope it will be us, but we TRULY want you to find the photographer that’s right for you!


Our dedication on crafting an amazing experience for our clients continues to grow stronger every day.  But that isn’t the only thing that you will experience with us.  Your experience and ease of use is always on our mind, we work tirelessly to make your decisions, interactions and connections with us as easy as possible.  We believe in conducting our business in a personable, ethical and accountable way.  From our service delivery guarantees to our next business day response guarantee we want you to be at ease throughout your entire experience with us.

We curate our clients because we always want to deliver our absolute best and sometimes that means knowing when to tell you if we are a right fit for your project.  It isn’t to be snobby or pretentious but it is truly standing by our mission to create a crafted experience for you.  No project is too big or small, but when we mutually agree to work together, know that Three Sixty is in it 100%.

We also are always on the forefront of technological advances and using them to create products and services unique to the market.  Why is this important?  It is important because we are always testing a better, faster and more effective way to do something.  On the surface it may look easy, but that’s because we take painstaking measures to make it look flawless.


A common question we get asked is whether our prices have any hidden charges and the answer is no.  We create a pricelist that is open, transparent.  It is designed for flexibility and encompasses anything that we may encounter.  The only time our estimate changes is if you change the requirements.  No bait and switch, no twisting of words, just good honest business.

Wedding photo album

Gift Cards Available

Have you ever wanted to get a gift for that person who seems to have everything?  It’s a struggle to go to the mall, shop online on countless websites or even just to think about what to give them.  A gift card to Three Sixty is the perfect solution.  We can put any denomination you like on a gorgeous gift card that they can use for any service we provide.  You don’t have to buy a specific product, and they can use it for any occasion they wish!  Your gift could be the one that hangs on their walls at home for the rest of their lives or it could be the entertainment piece at the party they hosted.  Our gift cards are ideal for office pooled gifts or friend pooled gifts because everyone can pitch in as much as they want into one card and can give a gift to a person that they can cherish for the rest of their lives.  How powerful is that?  Call us today to get your gift card and give the gift that will be a crafted experience for all.